Dogs are as Smart Toddlers, I wish my kids could point on Grouse.

I wish my toddler could point like this!

I wish my toddler could point like this! has an interesting story on Canine intelligence,

“In my view, pet dogs can be regarded in many respects as ‘preverbal infants in canine’s clothing,'” he said, adding that many dog-owner relationships mirror human parental bonds with children.

In one of many recent studies conducted by the team, Topal and his colleagues taught both a 16-month-old human child and mature dogs to repeat multiple demonstrated actions on verbal command — “Do it!,” shouted in Hungarian.

The actions included turning around in circles, vocalizing, jumping up, jumping over a horizontal rod, putting an object into a container, carrying an object to the owner or parent, and pushing a rod to the floor.”

That sounds like everything I tell my kid not to do. But what I really want to know is, can I train a two year old to sniff out and point on a grouse in a dense briar patch, now that would be something!


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