Yet another sign of the times Urbana’s Rothschild Farm plans to close cafe, retail store

Yet another sad victim of tough econmic times, Robertrothschild farms is closing its retail store and cafe. Due to its close proximity to the Mad River I think it’s appropriate to cover here.

After nearly 11 years of serving the community, Robert Rothschild Farm announced this week it is planning to close its cafe and retail store at the end of the summer.

Jim Gordon, president and CEO of the company, said the cafe will close on July 31 and the retail store will shut its doors on Aug. 31. Both are located at 3143 E. U.S. 36.

Company officials said they will focus their resources on their line of gourmet foods, which they ship to retailers across the country.

“It was time to focus on our core gourmet food business,” Gordon said. “We feel that’s where our future lies.”

The company sells a wide range of foods, including rubs, mustards, pasta sauce and cupcake mix.

Gordon declined to say whether the cafe and market were losing money for the company.

He said it is possible the space could be leased to another company.

Even though the Mad


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