Toxic Chemical Spill in Stillwater River

A bad photo of a typical Stillwater River Rock Bass

A bad photo of a typical Stillwater River Rock Bas

Wow am I glad I decided not to fish the Stillwater river this weekend. There was apparently a toxic chemical spill. Maybe some fly fisher just got a really bad batch of Rattlesnake sausage from Buffalo Jack’s and couldn’t make it in to town before experiencing a bowel explosion… ok probably not, as their food is actually really good and I’ve never had a bad meal there. However if you do find yourself fishing the Stillwater any time soon, wear your toxic waders! From the DDN…

UNION TWP., Miami County — An apparent hazardous material spill which reached the Stillwater River, prompting local officials to call the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, apparently started in Darke County, fire officials in Miami County said Sunday, July 26.

It was not clear what the substance was, but “it’s got a sewage smell to it,” said Joe Marchal, chief of the Pleasant Hill-Newton Twp. Fire Department.

Someone noticed the substance in Canyon Run Creek, near the 300 block of Shiloh Road, and called the fire department about 2 p.m., Marchal said.

Firefighters traced the substance in both directions and found that it went back to the Darke County border, Marchal said.

The fire department then decided to call out the Ohio EPA and the state Department of Natural Resources to help manage the problem, Marchal said.


One thought on “Toxic Chemical Spill in Stillwater River

  1. I own about a mile of Canyon run right before it spills into the Stillwater River and was out of town over the weekend. What happened, and what was the hazardous substance? This happened about 10 years ago and killed all the fish through the creek.

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