Coolest fishing show ever? or just a bunch of old guys?

Pirates of the Flats

Pirates of the Flats

The New Show Pirates of the Flats has been the buzz of the internet for a little while, I know it’s not news but its worth a note here. I love that they included folks like Thomas Mcguane and Yvon Chouinard people who aren’t just celebrities, not that I’m knocking the inclusion of certain other folks like Bettlejuice. I guess I’m just saying that they had the opportunity to cast someone gratuitous like Flavor Flav, or Niki Taylor, or Lord help us all one of the Jonas brothers just for the publicity. But instead they went a route that is certainly commendable, the gray hair intellectual route, and I applaud them on that. However I can already see the denture creme and geritol sponsorships lining up. Perhaps Yvonne will keep it real with a youthful edge and line up some cooler and more appropriate sponsors. All I know is, it will be DVRed at my house, and probably get played more than my Lefty Casting video, or gadzooks even more than My Bill Monroe Homespun Tapes DVD.

The only problem with this group is I think I’d find the “sitting around the room telling stories moments” more interesting than the “laying an 80 foot cast into a head wind for a Bonefish” moments. However the show is on ESPN and not Lifetime so we’ll have to settle for the perennial fish porn shots, jerky camera work, and Dinosaur Jr soundtrack, which I can handle too! I can’t wait, I’m giddy like a school girl.

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