Lloyd Loar Jesse James, and Czech Nymphing?


Bill Graham has a great piece over at the
Mandolin Cafe. It really has very little to do with either Lloyd Loar or Jesse James except in passing, but man what a great hook! He is actually talking about a few young guys from the Czech Republic touring the US playing some mandolins and meeting some legends of tradtional American music like David Grisman and Jesse Mcreynolds. However the article really starts out with a bang Czech this out!

Lloyd Loar never robbed or killed anyone, and Jesse James never built anything lasting from wood and steel.

Yet their legacies came together in a fine and fun moment recently in my living room, via a path through the Czech Republic. Reality carries Loar’s gifts around the world, while James sails on myth.

Hah, that is one awesome way to start out an article right there! Then he drops a hint that maybe they were here doing some Czech nymphing in our great land of the dry fly.

They then hopped in a rental car and spent three days touring and camping in Yellowstone Park.

I suppose its reasonable to think that not everyone in the Czech Republic has to be a fly fisher specializing in long thin leaders and depth charge fuzzy nymphs as well as a being amazing mandolin players, but hey we can always hope right! Great work there, Czech Mate!

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