Stillwater “chemical” spill traced to Hog farm manure leak.

Via the thanks to Gary for the Heads up.

Ok so it wasn’t a bad batch of rattlesnake sausage from Buffalo Jacks; it was a leaking manure line from a hog farm in Darke county that caused the contamination of the Stillwater and Canyon Run Creek. I wondered how a “chemical” spill could smell like sewage. Chances are if it smells like poop, it ARE poop. Anyway hopefully it will clear up and get the area back to normal. I hope to have more information on this soon.

By Nancy Bowman, Staff Writer 8:42 AM Wednesday, August 5, 2009 UNION TWP., Miami County — An apparent hazardous material spill which reached the Stillwater River on July 26 and killed fish along the way has been traced to manure from a Darke County hog farm, an Ohio Environmental Protection Agency official said this week. The EPA and Ohio Department of Natural Resources were called to assist after the Pleasant Hill-Newton Twp. Fire Department was dispatched the afternoon of July 26 to investigate a substance with a sewage smell in Canyon Run Creek, near the 300 block of Shiloh Road in Miami County. Jim Crawford of the EPA’s Dayton office said the substance’s trail led investigators to the Ditmer Family Farm on Red River West Grove Road in Darke County. The farm has a manure lagoon that is pumped and the manure sprayed on fields, Crawford said. A line break around July 24 allowed manure to get into a field tile and flow west underground to Canyon Run Creek and, eventually, the river, he said. The substance resulted in a fish kill of just more than 3,000 minnows and other fish, said Ken Fitz, law enforcement program administrator for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Fitz said the manure affected about 4.5 miles of water way. A bill for the fish kill of $1,487 will be sent to the farm, he said. Crawford said at this point the incident is being considered an accidental spill.

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