Bluegrass festivals close to trout water, whoa Nellie, Barefoot Nellie, you’re the one for me!


Two lovely folks enjoying the Watson stage at Merlfefest

Since I’ve been going to Merlelfest every year I can and have been for almost a decade (could it really be that long) someday, I plan to make a fishing AND pickin trip to hit Merlfest and book end a week end of great music with some fly fishing. I guess you could do the same thing with most good festivals Rockygrass, Wintergrass, Father’s Day Bluegrass Fest, Telluride, Strawberry Music Festival. Wow is it even possible that much GREAT music gets played so close to that much good trout water, indeed. It is true. Bluegrass is from the mountains, and those lovely speckled fish we love to fool with flies also tend to reside in the mountains. Its a beautiful thing!

So in order to honor that thought, as we approach the end of the festival season, I found a nice piece about fly fishing in North Carolina, with some typical grip and grin photos from Michael Darmes who writes the Charlotte Fly Fishing Observer Column for Where this whole thing comes from I don’t know but they do seem to have some decent content from time to time, albeit a bit amateur at times, but hey look who’s talking, amateurs… sheesh.

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