Mad River Still looking slow, look down stream in big holes

Mad River Stream Flow Not Looking Good

Mad River Stream Flow Not Looking Good

The USGS data shows a bleak picture for the Mad River right now. Even though the general area has seen some decent rainfall over the past few weeks, the water table is just so low that after the rain the rivers return to their low flows. You can see that the this isn’t a once in a century event, in fact, its not THAT much below average, but we do need to give the fish a break in the upper reaches where flows are low. Fish the big holes, slap big streamers around and target aggressive fish further downstream in the bigger water. Thats at least what we heard from our sources this weekend. Give the little guys in the headwaters a break, not to mention the matts of moss floating down the stream make any kind of fishing difficult up there around 36 or 55. Lets hope we get some good soaking rain up around Zanesfield to fill up the ground water supply and keep the river in healthy shape. Happy fishing, oh yeah, water fowling isn’t far off either.


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