Obama goes fly fishing?

Obama Goes Fly FIshing?

Obama Goes Fly FIshing?

According to one of my favorite blogs Fly Fish Yellowstone West Yellowstone is all a twitter with suits, black suburbans and helicopters. The official story is the choppers are being used to survey spruce moths, YEAH RIGHT! Sounds like a presidential visit is in the works.

Chick or faroearm, I think forearm!

Chick or faroearm, I think forearm!

The president had some very complimentary things to say about Montana during the campaign and said he needed to learn to fly fish. If it is true, hopefully he enjoys himself and brings some good publicity to the sport. Lord knows Dick Cheney didn’t help the sport’s elitist pretense. Especially when the internet was a buzz with those pictures of trickier Dick with that bikini clad girl in the reflection of his glasses, which actually turned out to be his forearm. Lynn Cheney just doesn’t seem like the type of gal to sun herself in a bikini while her hubby flings a fly, those two are long since over that phase of their relationship. And something tells me that him scoring with fly fishing chicks like the legendary April Vokey is also highly unlikely.


Get out yer tin foil hats the black helicopters are in town.

So with any luck President Obama can can avoid the pitfalls of highly suggestive optometric reflections, and just go catch some nice trout. Maybe he will surprise us and take a quiet trip to Slough Creek? As long as they can keep his young girls away from the Bison, and stay well hydrated they will have a wonderful time enjoying one our nations great treasures. I think everyone needs to see Yellowstone at least once, even if you’re the president and it requires Black helicopters and a troop of suits. Now if only they could use the mind control devices to make trout take any dry fly in your in your box.

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