Amazonian Catfish as pool boy?

071509 biz versailles 03.jpg

From the Palm Beach Post comes news that they are planning on using catfish to clean pools at foreclosed properties. It sounds like an interesting idea, and apparently they have already escaped from enough aquariums that they live in the wild in Florida. In fact according to the article the ones they use in the pools are caught from the wild in nearby lakes. I think they should use some zebra muscles, they worked wonders for cleaning up lake Erie, and our smallouth population has blossomed as a result of the cleaner water, yeah!

It’s a small ‘scale’ operation whose outcome is still murky. Wellington officials are installing catfish from the Amazon in the swimming pools of foreclosed houses to see whether the 18-inch fish, called Pterygoplichthys and commonly known as ‘plecos,’ will be a cost-effective, eco-friendly method of cleaning stagnant pools.

The fish are $15 each, plus the cost of delivery and installation. A year of pleco pool service will cost the village about $700, Mitchell estimates, compared with $7,000 a year for chemical treatment. The costs, in the form of liens, must be paid by a homeÄôs new owners. Keeping liens low may help foreclosed homes sell more quickly.


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