New Book on Fly FIshing in the Smokies


Via comes news of a new guide to fly fishing the Smokies Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, An Insider’s Guide to A Pursuit of Passion, by Jim Casada. After downloading the free excerpt (available here) I can say without a doubt, this book would have helped immenesely when I fished the park last Oct. If the rest of book contains as much detail as the small excerpt then this is a priceless guide to the inner workings of a great fishery. In my experience the Smokies is a wonderful place to fish for those of us who do it more for the experience than the trophies. By that I mean that the fishing is challenging, the fish are small, but the hiking and scenery is outstanding and more than worth the price of admission.

This guide appears to offer the kind of inside information and detail that a backpacking/fishing maniac could take a lifetime to see and experience. I will be adding this to my collection as soon as it comes out. It even has me second guessing my decision to go to Dale Hollow instead of the Smoky’s this Oct. However I do want to try out my new Wee Lassie on some big water and I think Dale Hollow will be perfect, but juicy details like the following have me daydreaming of my three weight and a few roll casts under cover of rhododendron…

A full day of fishing [Name Redacted] Creek usually
produces somewhere between 30 and 50 trout.

Bountiful populations of tiny rainbow eagerly blowing up on nondescript flies is where its at and the Smoky Mountains have it in spades. Getting to the Brooke trout territory is even better. With the leaves turning brown and the days growing short, its time to lace the hiking boots and get into the back country.


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