Wee Lassie, she FLOATS!

Well as you can see from the gallery above I had a successful launch of the WEE LASSIE! We went to Dale Hollow Lake a few weekends ago. Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, I was able to get out and  paddle the new boat. She paddled like a dream and performed better than expected.The hull is actually pretty fast and she moved through the water pretty effortlessly. Granted there was NO boat traffic which made the wate like glass. The cool mornings and fog rolling off the water because of the unseasonably cold weather made for seriously mystical moments. The leaves  around the lake were perfect. The water silently lapping against the hull, pretty amazing really.

The weight limit according to the Mac’s book is around 220 but with my little guy in it with me we were pushing that for sure, and I still had plenty of free board to spare. So for those of you thinking of building youwn cedar strip canoe, it can be done,a dn she will in all likely hood float.

2 thoughts on “Wee Lassie, she FLOATS!

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