Seeding clouds is not just for cartoons anymore.

Via the Idaho Statesman comes word of a new cloud seeding project to increase snowfall amounts and raise water levels in reservoirs in order to increase hydro electric power output. Its an old idea that has been around for a long time. I remember seeing it in cartoons as a kid. Wylie Coyote wants to stop the road runner with a flood so he seeds the clouds ahead of the RR with Acme cloud seed. Somehow the RR misses the flood and the Coyote gets washed out instead. And so in the category of truth is srtanger than fiction the Idaho Power Co. is spending millions to seed the clouds. So lets make sure we tell them that declaring a Federal Disaster area / Emergency and demanding fedral funding after they have a huge blizzard is off limits, no federal money for the laying in the bed you made. Seed away! (By the way  China just had a run in cloud seeding  that resulted in a blizzard- see brief below)

… [cloud seeding] technology is not without a downside. When a huge blizzard brought record snows this month to Beijing and other cities, Chinese officials acknowledged that cloud seeding contributed. The state-run Xinhua news agency said the Beijing Weather Modification Office claimed it had created 16 million metric tons of additional snow in the storm, which angered people caught in it.

The Cloud Seeding Process


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