Bill Monroe’s Mandolin Headstock Overlay Sells for $37,500

Monroe's Peghead Overlay

This week the legendary Bill Monroe’s defaced peghead overlay sold at auction for a whopping $37,500. The story goes that he gouged out the name of the maker because he thought they did a poor job repairing it. The identity of the person responsible for the winning bid is being kept secret, however it wasn’t the Bluegrass Hall of Fame. According to this article, the party who owned it was the maker. Now what kind of greedy SOBs does it take to auction of a piece of musical history like this. Its not like those folks over at the big factory are hurting for $30,000, that’s less than hour’s worth of overhead for them. So why on earth didn’t the big factory dorks just donate it to the museum instead of letting of some other greedy SOB buy it and put it in their personal collection only to wake up every morning and rub up against it. Some people, I swear!

Since the details aren’t out as to who bought it I guess I will leave my rant at that, and hope that the person who bought it has good intentions beyond their own personal gratification. Details of the auction can be found over at the Christie’s site.

This just in from the corrections department…

Gibson didn’t own the overlay. The overlay was given
to Rendall Wall by Bill Monroe after he successfully negotiated the repair
of the headstock. Rendall split the proceeds from the sale with Pat
Aldworth who assisted Rendall in the negotiations with Bill along with
overseeing the repair.

A more informative story than the one linked above is available here.

Thanks to Andrew J. for the heads up.

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