Antique Bamboo Rod Resto Project

I started the restoration of an old bamboo rod this weekend. Beilieve it or not I found this old thing in my pool house. When I was cleaning out a closet I grabbed an old piece of plumbing that was leaning in the corner. Without thinking twice about it, I threw it on the truck to go to the dump. When my dad was unloading it later, what a nice dad huh, he noticed something inside the pipe. It was a 3 piece, two tip, 4 wt bamboo fly rod. Now what are the odds of that! The snake guides were in pretty bad shape, and it probably needs a new finish. The pictures below show the process of removing the snake guides. I basically used a razor knife to slit the thread wraps, and removed the guide underneath. Next step will be removing the cork handle which I will replace, as the old one is  trashed, and remove the ferrules. As you will see from the photos the male ferrules are cracked and probably need replaced as well.

Cracked male ferrules.

A snake guide prior to removal.

I was careful to cut the threads so as not to cut the blank and potentially weaken it.

After wrap removal the blank looks good.

A poor re-fin by the previous owner left varnish all over the ferrules.


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