Tactics for Stocked Trout

Midcurrent has an interesting article on fly patterns for stocked trout.

This summer I ran into a guy in the parking lot of one of the local trout stream pull-offs who had just landed a nice 20″ rainbow. He had it on ice in his cooler and showed it off to me, so much for catch and release, but I won’t be judgmental, they are stocked after all.

I asked what he caught it on. He said proudly “CORN! Unedr a bobber”

That got me wondering if stocked trout eat corn because it looks like the pellet based food they are fed in the hatchery or if they think it looks like an egg? Who knows? I do know that I’m tying up some yellow egg patterns/glow bugs/corn bugs, regardless if its considered “sporting” of me.

The snippet below is from the mid current article, gives a couple nice tips but doesn’t address the idea of pellet based imitation.

“Because they are not attuned to their natural environment, hatchery fish aren’t necessarily looking for exact imitations of the local forage at first. For freshly stocked fish, use big, bright flies, such as a San Juan Worm in hot pink or red, or an egg pattern, such as a Jighead GloBall in ‘clown’ colors. The jig head offers fish-attracting action underwater, and it gets the fly down quickly. To help increase your hook-up rate with these jighead patterns, offset the hook point and open the hook gap slightly. Whenever you’re fishing a jig head, try to keep your line straight and tight, and don’t use too hard a hook set.”


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