Need a studio musician to lay down some tracks for your next project?

Via the comes news of a cool new website called Acoustic So if you are looking for someone to play Dobro on your project, or just about anything else with strings, these guys can do it, over the internet for less than the price of a nice night out to dinner ($50 per track!). How bout that! So you don’t need Rob Ikes’s union rate running up the bill to provide some hound dog, that if I recall according Good Ol’ Bill “ain’t no prart of nuthin” anyway. Here’s what the folks on bluegrass blog had to say in brief.

[ Troy Engle] …has launced an overdub business to make it easy for small home studios and low-budget projects to have him lay down instrumental tracks for their recordings.

This new venture is known as Acoustic Overdubs, and the web site explains how Troy can add banjo, mandolin, guitar, fiddle, resonator guitar, pedal steel and several other instruments to your track, quickly and for a very reasonable fee.

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