Kimble Mandola – A brief love affair, recalled.

There are moments in life that you will never forget. Like that moment, at camp, on the last day, dancing with that girl. You can’t even remember her name, but that moment will live on forever. Maybe you were on vacation at the beach, and you’d been eying a girl laying out every day a few yards over and on that last day you finally got up the nerve to say hi. But all did was say hi. Then you spent the entire miserable drive home wondering what her name was, and what her laugh sounded like. She was perfect, and maybe she was perfect only because you never actually got to know her, but perfect none the less. You’d never know, but for that brief fleeting moment when you locked eyes and said a quick “HI”, it was perfection.

And so it was that I met a Kimble Mandola. Years ago at IBMA I spent a few fleeting moments with a lovely blond in a hotel room.

There is a very similar one for sale in the cafe classifieds, pictured below. Probably not the same one, but very similar. If I was a man of greater means I would swoop in on my white horse and once again rekindle that flame. But alas, she will have to live on in my dreams, in perfection.

A photo of a lovely blond's backside.

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