How big is your record? Oh you know, 5.76 ounces.

According to the Flathead Beacon an angler has landed a new Montana state record Pygmy whitefish weighing in at a whopping 5.76-ounces and 9.84 inches in length. How cute. I’m not sure this is one that I would brag to my buddies about, but hey its record right? Now where did I leave that size 64 zooplankton fly?

Three types of whitefish live in Montana. The pygmy, along with the larger mountain whitefish, is native. The lake whitefish was introduced to Montana. The pygmy has a very large eye in relation to its size. Pygmy whitefish live near the bottom of lakes such as Little Bitterroot, Ashley, and Flathead. They feed on tiny zooplankton, bottom insects, and mysis shrimp.

The new record.


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