Cool interview with Val Atkinson

After watching a few episodes of Pirates of the Flats, I’ve been wondering about Val Atkinson. Everybody else on the show is as close to a household name as you can get with the exception of the Bonefish and Trapon Trust guys.Turns out Val is a graduate of CCAD. Once upon a time I seriously considered attending CCAD and many of my friends did, but I thought the eduction of OSU was a bit more well rounded and in the event I decided to do something else, like architecture, I could have an out. The thing about an all art school is if you decide you don’t want to do art, you have to go somewhere else. Now I work with quite a few CCAD grads.

Midcurrent has a cool interview with Val this week. Where he says this…

Val: When I first started shooting fly fishing there were maybe only four or five other guys doing the same thing. We mostly shot black & white and because I had taken Ansel Adams classes and had my own darkroom and could make the blacks black and the whites white, they’d never seen that kind of quality before and they would buy everything. It was absolutely terrific.

I’m a true believer in the value of actual darkroom experience. Having done it the hard way years ago I can attest to its ability to give you a solid foundation when it comes using the new technology. It gives you a good frame of reference for detail in the light lights and dark darks and the subtle differences that it takes to maintain them in a photo. Good interview, and who knew that a guy on Pirates of Flats was an Alum of CCAD.

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