River Why to Debut at Dallas Film Festival

Buried in a Dallas Film Festival Press Release is news that the film adaptation of The River Why will debut at the mid-April event.

The press release describes the film like this:

Director: Matthew Leutwyler
Cast: Zach Gilford, Amber Heard, William Hurt, Kathleen Quinlan and William Devane Directed by Matthew Leutwyler, THE RIVER WHY is a drama about a man known as “the Mozart of fly fishing” who leaves his big city home in rebellion from his family. In the process he comes in contact with an assortment of eccentric characters who help him in his journey to adulthood.

Below are some photos from the movie’s website. Needless to say many fly fishers are waiting with bated breath for this film to hit the national spotlight. The book is one of my personal favorites and I can’t wait to find how much I hate the film when it completely destroys every image I had conjured in my mind. Film adaptations never live up to your own imagination, and I don’t realistically expect much more out of this one. It should be pretty entertaining and if nothing else should revive a bit of interest in the fisheries featured in the story, even if river’s name is fictitious. The story has a heavy dose of contemplative environmentalist mysticism that will be helpful for Joe Six pack to be exposed to and an Amber Heard nude scene will keep their interest, as well as mine.

A nude Amber Heard as Eddy climbing out of the water soaking wet after jumping into the pool to battle a steelhead.

A nude Amber Heard climbing out of the water after battling a steelhead.

Gus and the infamous talking dog.

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