Tom Rosenbauer: “8 (9) Tips for Fly Fishing with Classic Wet Flies”

The latest installment of the Orvis fly fishing guide podcast with Tom Rosenbauer, tackles a fly tactic that we at the Fiddle and Creel love, wet flies. Common folklore says that wet flies are the closest and most direct link to where fly fishing began. While dry flies, streamers and nymphs are more modern developments based on a more natural “exact impersonation of a specific animal” type of fly patterns, wet flies use more impressionist abstraction method. Since wet flies are more impressionist we generally feel that they can imitate more than one thing, thereby making making them theoretically more effective. In my experience Tom is right on when he says the most success can be had when there are Caddis pupae moving around under the surface, wet flies do a great job of imitating Caddis. Tom covers some good tips in this episode and its certainly worth the price of admission.

Attention bamboo rod fanatics: we heard you! Tom responds to some feedback we received on one of our more popular podcasts on bamboo vs graphite and gives eight great tips on fishing classic wet flies… then throws in a bonus tip.


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