Silver Tears Woody Camper Coolest Camper Ever? Yes!

Via the Trout Underground comes a link to the coolest little camper we’ve seen in a while. Although its not too big the Silver Tears Woody camper may be the coolest camper ever. It fits right into our little niche of a beautiful yet ultimately very functional work of art. We love it! Quote from the Silver Tears website below.

… an American Classic

The teardrop camper. An instant classic when it first hit the American highway in the 40s. Often handbuilt in neighborhood garages from surplus war materials, the teardrop was a personal statement.

Silver Tears Campers expands the personal statement into a road epic. Unencumbered, you’ll travel light, but smart, with everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Pull it with your Mini, if you like. Maneuver it deftly through the woods to the creek bank. Fry trout in the open-air kitchen. Rub your hands across the figured maple countertop. Read that novel in the light of the kerosene lantern. Fall asleep to the sound of rain on the aluminum roof. Dream of tomorrow’s adventures. Get up and go.


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