Americas Most Endangered Rivers

A quiet stretch of the # 3 most endangered, Gauley River, where there are no doubt some killer smallies lurking beneath the surface.

A yearly report released today by lists America’s Most Endangered Rivers. There are some good trout streams on here, the top two, in fact. With the oil spill in the gulf rightfully getting most of the air play in the environmental debate right now this might not get the top billing that it might in other more quiet years, but lets take a moment and think about what it will require to maintain these habitats and not destroy them like so many others.

The list looks like this.

  1. Upper Delaware River, PA, NY
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  2. Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, CA
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  3. Gauley River, WV
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  4. Little River, NC
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  5. Cedar River, IA
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  6. Upper Colorado River, CO
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  7. Chetco River, OR
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  8. Teton River, ID
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  9. Monongahela River, PA, WV
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  10. Coosa River, AL
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