Some mandolin-centric fiction released.

A while ago Dr. Tom Bibey stopped by here and left us a nice little missive about his forthcoming book of mandolin-centric fiction. Well, it was officially released today, according to the Mandolin Cafe. There is a link on The Mandolin to Amazon, where due to the stellar buzz generated in the mandolin community, I’m sure it will shoot up the charts to become a bestseller. It sounds like a pretty cool book and I would order it right this second but for the fact that I am knee deep in Hampton Sides’ Hellhoud on His Trail. But as soon as I can find time, I’m there!


2 thoughts on “Some mandolin-centric fiction released.

  1. Hello. Thanks so much. Unreal as it might sound, “The Mandolin Case” made it all the way to number one in the Amazon “country books” category earlier today. (It since dropped back to #4)

    It’s like Charlie Brown married the little red haired girl.

    Appreciate the mention and keep on fiddling. (By the way the hero of the story, Dr. Henry “Indie” Jenkins, is a fiddle man.)

    As they say on the Mandolin Cafe, if you aren’t in church or playing music, you better be fishing!

    Dr. B

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