Chicken and Egg?

According to and the Tim O’Brien has a new record titled Chicken and Egg due out soon. I’ve been a fan of TO for a while now. His music is all over the map in terms of influences (well the traditional acoustic map that is) but for the most part right on the mark. I’ve met him once and said howdy more than a few times at Merlefest and other events. Every time I run into him I forget to ask him if he is a fly fisher.

He appeared on Ben Winshop and David Thompson’s Fishing Music albums, and as such he has a spot reserved in Fiddle and Creel Hall of Fame. I think he lives in Boulder which puts smack in the middle of some great fly fishing opportunities but that doesn’t mean necessarily that he flings a fly. Chances are good he does though. I look forward to hearing the new album.

The Line-up and track list (shown below) are worth the price of admission alone.

Support from Bryan Sutton, Stuart Duncan, Dennis Crouch, Mike Bub, Sarah Jarosz, Abigail Washburn, and Chris Stapleton.

You Ate the Apple
My Girl’s Waiting for Me (River Driving)
Gonna Try to Make Her Stay
The Sun Jumped Up
All I Want
No Way to Stop the Flow
Not Afraid o’ Dyin’
Letter in the Mail
Old Joe
Mother Mary
Space Between the Lines

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