Gulpers in Hebgen Lake at the “Back of Beyond” Cove

Fishing for Gulpers on Hebgen Lake, high on my list of things to do.

I was mesmerized this morning by a post on In it the great Yellow Stoner writes about fishing for Gulpers in Hebgen Lake’s  undisclosed “Back of Beyond” cove. Check out the quotes below, sounds absolutely delicious!

The trout patrol in pods. Some of which are as large as 10 fish each. They are not put down by a hooked fish. They fight each other for the scraps of floss and feathers.
.. You could kick the submarines as they pass beneath your fins in the crystal clear water.

.. If you don’t mind a 45 minute drive from town. And if your vehicle can stand the torture. And if you truly want to gather in gulpers the size of bread boxes. Then visit the back of beyond.
.. You’ll be welcomed by the faithful with good advice and pleasant conversation as you drift around – towed by the gulpers of Hebgen Lake.


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