I’m the One, are you?

I’m not sure what signing an internet petition like the one over at restorethegulf.com really does. My inherently cynical outlook on life (thanks Dad)  says that it probably does very little. But when folks that I really dig ask me to do something, generally I oblige. In this case those folks happen to be some pretty cool celebrities, like Dr. John, Dave Matthews and Harry Shearer. Some of the other folks in this ad round the cast out to be a really odd collection of folks, but then again it is NOLA, so eclectic is appropriate right?

Bottom line is I hope this petition generates enough publicity to make something a little more bold happen on the clean up front. For instance, every employee of BP should put on a pair of waders and start scrubbing down the reeds in the marsh, and picking up tar balls, right now. I say me make them shut down operations until things are cleaned up. That will get their attention!


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