Larry Keel, Flat picking Sensation and Master Fisherman?

Love em or hate him Larry Keel is a firebrand of flat picking. Ever the agitator among the traditional Bluegrass crowd, I haven’t really kept up with him and his band. The Bluegrass Blog had a nice interview with him posted today. And I found out he enjoys fishing too, he even calls himself a “Master Fisherman.”

I’m not sure I’d ever trust anybody that call themselves a master fisherman, thats a title that only comes from others. Maybe someone else gave it to him? Who knows, but plastering it on your homepage as big as he did says a little something strange. But he doesn’t take himself too seriously so I’m sure its all in good fun. Check out the cool illustration on his header, thats freakin cool.

And he can play the strings off of a guitar, there is no doubt about that.

Today we are awarding Larry Keel a star on the Fiddle and Creel walk of fame for his devotion to all things fishy and bluegrassy, well done sir!

Here is the fishiest quote from the article…

I couldn’t resist asking for a fishing update as well, “I have done as much of that as I’ve wanted to,” said Larry. “I did some out in Idaho, fly fishing. I fish every kind of way I can, I do a lot of bass fishing. I did some fishing in the Outer Banks this summer, some saltwater fishing  I caught a lot of bass in Georgia. Every chance I get, I go!”

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