Fly Fishing Yellowstone Season Wrap-up

The Fire Hole

Fly Fishing in Yellowstone has a great season wrap-up. Unfortunately I didn’t get to make it out there this year like we had planned early in the year. The ever informative yellowstoner blog has kept us abreast of the situation and we thank him for the diligent, boots on the ground, 3 foot view of the fly fishing world. Keep up the good work. Sounds like it was great end to a great season.


2 thoughts on “Fly Fishing Yellowstone Season Wrap-up

  1. The Park is closed but the fishing in Montana just north of YNP is still pretty good. The mild fall has kept up the water temps. We are experiencing a storm as I type, but we should still have a few more weeks of decent fall fishing before the fish completely go into winter mode. Even during the coldest months fishing can be productive on the spring creeks near Livingston.

  2. Yeah, right on I failed to mention that it was just “inside the park” I’m sure the fifty mile riffle and other prime water is ripe for banging the banks with the big articulated wiggly groceries.

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