Hemingway’s Mitten Kittens head to court

Regulate me-ow.

On the heels of the current meme sweeping the intewebs Catsthatlooklikehitler.com comes news that Ernest Hemingway’s  legendary mitten kittens might be regulated by the USDA. File this one under waste of federal tax dollars. More info at Keysnews.com

A courtroom cat fight between the owner of the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum and the U.S. Department of Agriculture is headed to federal court, with the descendents of the literary icon’s six-toed felines in the balance.

Hemingway Museum owner and CEO Michael Morawski is challenging a USDA mandate that the museum obtain an animal exhibition license in order to keep the 40 or so cats on the 1-acre property, according to court records.

The issue appeared to be settled in 2008 when the museum received the license after four years of legal wrangling and claims by the USDA that the museum was in violation of the Animal Welfare Act by not caging the cats. But Morawski is challenging the requirement, claiming the license is unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer dollars, said his attorney, Cara Higgins.

The museum is arguing that the cats do not fall under the regulatory umbrella of the USDA, or more specifically, the Animal and Plant Inspection Services, because the cats are not made to perform tricks, they are not crossing state lines and they are not being sold or distributed, Higgins said.




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