A Letter to Midge

Dear Midge,

It was so good to see you this summer. I’m glad you came out to visit. You really livened up my day when you and all your friends showed up in clusters to investigate every one of my cranial orifices. I really don’t know what you were looking for in there, but you were so persistent, and I admire that. Frankly, it makes me want to go get a bug net for my head. But I’m afraid that if people saw me walking around in waders with a bug net on my head they might mistake me for a metal patient escaped from the nutty ward, and we don’t want that.

Secondly I wanted to say thank you, to all your little friends for fattening up the trout like they did. This summer was especially dry around here and I think some of the insects were having trouble reproducing, those persnickety mayflies. But no, not you. You seemed to flourish in the warmer slower moving water. And those trout just seem to find you so irresistible. You fattened them up so well with your cute little grey globular orgies floating along innocently enough, and then WHAMMO, eaten by rainbow. I’m sorry so many of your friends had to perish, but thats the circle of life you know.

Oh and you’ll love this, I had to chuckle when I was floating one particular river this summer when a boatload of recreational canoeists floated by complaining about the “Black flies.” How offensive it is to you I bet when people mistake you for the lowly terrestrial “Black Flies.” How thoughtless and uncouth. They need to take a freaking science class.

Anyway I just thought I’d say thanks, and I hope to see you again soon. Maybe when the sun peaks through and warms the water a little bit huh?

Yours in Trout,
The Fiddle and Creel

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