A Partridge Poops on my carpet? Yes.

A Chukar on the Wing captured dunring last year's preserve hunt.

So this may seem obvious to most, but it was a learning experience for me. When cleaning birds, make sure they are completely dead before leaving them on the floor in your kitchen. How do I know this? I learned it the hard way this weekend.

Based on my last two excursions with my “new to me” 4-year-old skinny as a whip setter Nick, I wasn’t convinced that he was capable of preforming the duties he was assigned, e.g. pointing and retrieving upland game. So I set out this Saturday for hunting a preserve with the expressed intent of purchasing and planting birds for him to point.

We accomplished that goal, and did it with style. He honored the other Setter on a few birds, he pointed planted birds and birds that were released on the wing and allowed to settle in wherever. All-in-all I would call it a huge success, and I ended with a nice bag of Chukars to take home. What a great and admirable bird, tough and flighty even when raised in a pen.

It was bit nippy out and getting dark so I decided to clean the birds in my kitchen in stead of the usual garage workbench routine.

I put my vest full of birds on the floor and went about the business of rendering them into edible bits.

When all of a sudden the dog shows up at my feet with his ears perked staring at the bird bag. Move along I told him, all dead, nothing to see here.

As you might expect, Nick knows more about this stuff than I do, and right then a bird jumps out the bag, runs across the kitchen floor into the living room leaving a streak of white poop on the carpet as it went. The bird was follwed by a clambering parade of me, the dog and my five year old son scrambling after it in a cloud of knees and elbows.

We cornered it on its way to the bedroom before it left us anymore presents on the carpet and I quickly ended it’s short career as family pet. CHUK-that.

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