$1.99 Fly Box – Functioning Fishaholic shows you how.

The Altoid Fly Box

So you don’t want to pay $44 for those fancy C&F Design fly boxes, even though we think they are probably worth it. You want to save a few bucks. Well you are so in luck, our friend the Functioning Fishaholic shows us how to create one out of an Altoid Tin.

You know we love all things DIY and this is one is totally right on the money, so pay him a visit and give it a try. I have two empty Altoid tins in my desk drawer right now and I’ve been thinking I need some better small nymph, dry fly, midge boxes.

Altoid tins also make perfect places to store your high-end or collectable plectrums, like vintage National Finger Picks, or antique-harvested-before-they-were-endangered-sea-going-reptilian-all natural-which-we-would-never-own-due-to-their-morally-objectionable-history-picks, if you were the type of person that might actually own such a thing which we are not, because that would be wrong.


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