Why we rooted for the Packers…

There was an article published this weekend in the Cleveland Plain Dealer called ‘Luke’s Packer Backers’ honor Tallmadge High graduate, Navy corpsman and Green Bay fan Luke Emch by Bill Lubinger.

It’s about my cousins Luke and Samantha, my Uncle Wes and Aunt Julie and their love for all things Packers.  It touches on why Luke decided to sign up for the military even though he disagreed with everything we were doing over there. He put his money where his mouth was and for that we are indebted to him.

And it’s why we rooted for the Packers, Go Pack GO!

Excerpt below.

BRIMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio — On Super Bowl Sunday, Rico’s Restaurant & Lounge, across from the Circle K in the center of town, will be a house divided. Rabid Pittsburgh Steelers fans on one side. Those dedicated to the Green Bay Packers and the memory of Luke Emch on the other.

“Luke’s Packer Backers,” as they call themselves, meet up at Rico’s when the Packers are on national TV. They cheer “Go, Pack, go!” twice for field goals, three times for running touchdowns and four times when Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers either throws for a score or runs one in.

They’ve been cheering “Go, Pack, go!” together since 2007 — since finding out that Luke, who lived just up the road, wasn’t coming home alive.

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