Brushes with greatness.

Throughout our lives, we all have our little brushes with greatness. Whether its while you’re looking at the ground, not watching where you’re going at the baseball card show and you happen to literally run into Paul O’neill with nothing more to say than “uh, excuse me sir”. Or maybe it was walking the course at Muirfield Village during a practice round of the memorial with Payne Stewart listening to him wax eloquent about  swing mechanics. Or maybe you were driving down the alley behind Newport music hall and Allen Woody happened to be unloading his things from the tour bus and you managed to steel a few minutes of his time to ask him if he’ll be “rocking out” tonight because you can’t wait.

Well as a band, Big Red and the Wagoneers had one of our brushes with greatness when Tyler Williams used to sit in with us at Byrne’s pub. He was just a young pup back then, but you could tell he had the fire for the Bluegrass, and was bound for glory. Now he has moved on to his own brushes with greatness, which I assume will only continue. And actually they are probably less like “brushes with greatness” and more like “actually hanging out, playing and singing a whole lot with greatness”. As for me I’ll see you in jam circle. Thanks for the link T-Bone!

2 thoughts on “Brushes with greatness.

  1. First time checking out your blog…the name caught my eye. I figured someone who might be into bluegrass and flyfishing would be worth a look. After reading a few posts, I realized that we’ve got alot in common.
    A couple of pagesin, I came across the Tyler Williams post – it made my day! My wife & I moved to east TN about four years ago from the doom and gloom of upstate NY. My initial attractions were good flyfishing (South Holston river, etc), which I wasn’t about to give up, and a wealth of good bluegrass music (the Down Home, ETSU, etc).
    I met Tyler at a jam session a couple of years back and have had the pleasure of playing bass at a few shows with him and his friend Ashley Davis (the fiddler that Bobby Hicks mentions in the video). Not only is he a top notch singer, but as you know if you’ve met him, a wonderful and inspiring guy to spend some time with. In all my dealings with him, I’ve yet to see him be anything but positive and upbeat, in spite of the physical challenges he has to deal with.
    I hope he makes it big someday (although probably not rich, bluegrass and all that…). He sure deserves it more than anyone else I can think of.
    Keep up the good work!

    Don Anderson
    Jonesborough, TN

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