LDR and proof of concept

The scene of the LDR.

Slurp. Fish! The trigger finger slams the line tight to the cork. Rod arm goes high. The line goes tight, and shakes. The slack is slowly payed out under the trigger finger and line wakes through the water towards the opposite bank. After the slack is payed out it tightens around the butt, panic ensues, more slack is pulled form the reel. Feet pound through the water over to the sand bar to keep the line from going too tight. The unpredictable spectre beneath the surface closes the gap by  just six inches and pays some slack. The loop under the butt is freed and the reel clicks, slowly at first and then with more consistency. The drag is tightened slightly. The tip of the rod points straight down but the spine points straight up. Pulling back on it just makes the reel click more furiously and accomplishes nothing. The worthless click and pawl of the reel doesn’t really do much of anything. The palm goes to the reel and line pays out in a herky-jerky fashion. The rocks crunch under foot chasing the shouldered goon downstream. The palm heats up and reel spins more, the feet can’t keep up. The line leaves a stiff wake in the smooth water, and the feet bash the earth and furiously splash water in all directions. The palm slows the reel, heat and pressure. Then POP! Loops of limp spaghetti fly through the air and pile at your feet. Long distance release but proof of concept remains.

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