Freaky Fiddle Friday – Special SOIMF Edition

So this weekend marks the spring Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival featuring some of the best bluegrass the world has to offer. The Fiddle and Creel street crew hope to make it down for a few hours on Saturday afternoon to jam, hang out and generally soak up the good stuff. In the line up is always fantastic JD Crowe and the New South. Unfortunately JD recently injured his elbow and as such Jim Mills will be filling in for JD. That’s not a bad substitue if you ask me.

I don’t think Ron Stewart is playing with the band currently, but I thought it would be a good idea to post a Ron Stewart fiddle tune for Freaky Fiddle Friday because he is one of my favorite contemporary fiddle masters. Actually he can play the strings of just about everything banjo being his other main axe. Anyway, here is a tasty version of Whistling Rufus from Ron playing with the Lynn Morris band. P.S. that madnolin break ain’t half bad either.

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