RIP Harley Allen

The Bluegrass Blog yesterday informed us of the untimely passing of a Bluegrass legend, Harley Allen.

Unfortunately I didn’t know Harley, but I am connceted to him in 6 degrees kind of way because I’ve spent a lot time playing with Dan Cade who used to play Red and Harley in Dayton back when they lived here. So in folk tradition kind of way we are linked together, albeit once removed.

He apparently wrote the song “A Simple Life” and I dug up a video of Ricky Skaggs playing it on the transatlantic sessions which features the always tasteful Fiddle stylin’s of Aly Bain, great stuff.

That being said, there is a possibility that he wrote the other “Simple Life” that Ricky Skaggs plays more recently, available for a listen over on Grooveshark. I don’t know that for sure, which ever one, its readily apparent that he was an immensely gifted person with a passion for the same things we value here, and he will be missed.


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