Nymphing with a Sink Tip Fly Line- yes you can.

The line on the water, needing a mend.

Sunday I hit the local trout stream for the first time this season. The wind blew like crazy, the sun shined warm, the flows were about right and the fish were rising (sometimes), believe it or not.

I started as I do every year, with a black wooly bugger, but this year I mixed it up, and made it an egg sucking leach. I’ve never understood why its not an egg sucking wooly bugger, but who am I to question such things. Its not something I’ve formalized into a ritual but it seems to be cementing in something that I try to do every year. First time out, wooly bugger. I’d feel like a more serious fly fisherman if I started out with an Adams or any dry fly for that matter, but I’m no A.K Best, and this is my thing so it remains.

After not moving a thing on the wooly bugger even though my sources said the streamer fishing was the only thing going last week, I switched to an old school black nosed dace for giggles. After that failed I moved over to a nymph type situation with a generic black heavily weighted peacock herl thingy  I made up, with an unweighted pheasant tail trailing about 12″ behind. Since I started out the afternoon streamer fishing I already had my Royal Wulf triangle taper sink tip on and who wants to waste valuable time on the water switching out lines. So I tied the two nymphs on and went about drifting it through a really likely looking run.

About three casts into it, I saw a rise and put the line down right in front of the fish. It took, but shook the hook after a breif fight, an LDR. So whatever, not bad for a few hours on the local drainage ditch.

With the triangle taper sink tip on, I wasn’t sure how drag would be, and it apparently didn’t bother this fish at all if it was there. Mending the line wasn’t that bad at all, I just mended the floating section, and hoped that the sinking section would just move with the water, whcih I think it did. I had a few other swipes at the fly but no hook ups.

So if you’ve ever wondered, can I catch fish on a sink tip fly line with a pair of generic nymphs on the end? The answer is yes you probably can, but it’s probably not a technique you’re going to read a whole lot about.

2 thoughts on “Nymphing with a Sink Tip Fly Line- yes you can.

  1. If it works in a lake, you can bet it will work in a stream. Absolutely deadly technique for dead drifting a short line in mega deep holes – where the monsters live. Pay attention at the Leisenring and hold on!

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