Fly Tying from a 5 Year Old: The Dirty Cyborg San Juan

The Dirty Cyborg San Juan

Doug: Here – tie this on.

Paul: What the hell is that?

Doug: Just tie it on.

Paul: It looks like somebody stepped on a nightcrawler!

Doug: I know but its cool, my son tied it.

Paul:  Why would I waste my time out here fishing with something a five year old tied that looks no better than something a cat coughed up?

Doug: Because its cute, now tie it on.

Paul: Seriously?

Doug: Well yeah, you were going nymphing anyway, this is no different, just dead drift it under an indicator. Last night, I told him it looked kind of  like a San Juan worm and he ended up running around the rest of the night saying “San Juan! San Jaun!” and making laser gun noises. I think he had invented some kind of Star Wars influenced ray gun that shoots worms, which would be pretty cool if you think about it.

Paul: Aw well, ok, just gimme the damn thing, and I’ll test it out. Did you help him tie it?

Doug: Nope, he just sits there next to me while I tie stuff. He uses my old vice and freestyles it.

Paul: Is that lead wire poking out out of that pink fluff?

Doug: Yeah, probably, I think I gave him a piece of that, at some point.

Paul: It does kind of look like a worm doesn’t it.

Doug: Yeah

Paul: Almost like a big nightcrawler coming out of a clod of dirt?

Doug: Yeah he used that brown dubbing as like a big fluffy underbody type of thing and then that big chunk of pink antron chenille I got for egg sucking leach patterns on top and then tied it on with a few wraps of lead wire. So it ends up looking like a dirty cyborg san juan.

Paul: hey, thats a cool name for it, Dirty Cyborg San Juan.

Doug: Just fish it…. (after a few dead drifts) STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE!

Paul: I can’t believe it took that – Freakin ridiculous!

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