The new edition of This is Fly is out. Of the e-zines this is one of my favorites, although I think they all do a good job of pushing the boundaries of fish-lit into uncharted territories. Its obvious that one or more the folks that puts this zine together has an affinity for the graphic arts. Their cheeky layouts are sometimes a bit over the top, distracting, illegible and might in time look a bit trendy and dated, not that I don’t like all that, because I do. That being said the content is pretty top notch and I find myself spending more and more time flipping through it’s ones and zeros and gazing at its bright colors and zany wide angle grip and grins. This issue they cover some Tiger fish, and  whats not to like about a crazy looking dental nightmare that could bite of your hand.

Here is the heads up quoted below.

Summertime fun. This is the 29th time we have released This is Fly Magazine. We have weathered many storms and are stronger than ever. The June/July issue explores Fly Fishing the Periphery, taming Tigers in Lion Country and wandering the vast flats of Treasure Island. See through the lens of Aaron Otto and dive into the art of Adam Friedman. The message from our fellow anglers: protect your home waters. Don’t forget to check out the gear on sale in our store.

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