Tornado Crosses the Connecticut River, AMAZING!

This may be one one of the most amazing pieces of footage ever filmed on a river. The way it sucks the water right out of the river, incredible! I wonder how many fish got sucked out of the river, and thrown into someone’s back yard?

Springfield, MA Tornado from WSHM Tower Cam

Here is some more info on fishing in the CT River via Wiki:

The Connecticut River is a habitat to several species of anadromous fish, including theAmerican shadAmerican eelstriped bass and the sea lamprey. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service is undertaking an effort to repopulate the river with another species of migratory fish, the Atlantic salmon. For more than 200 years, Atlantic salmon have been extinct from the river due to damming. Several fish ladders and fish elevators have been built to allow fish to resume their natural migration upriver each spring.

The headwaters of the Connecticut River are at the northern tip of New Hampshire, near the Canadian border. Much of the beginning of the river’s course in the town of Pittsburgis occupied by the Connecticut Lakes, a chain of deep, cold water lakes that are home to lake trout and landlocked salmon.

The river itself holds native brook troutrainbow trout, large brown troutshad,smallmouth bassstriped basscarpcatfishAmerican eel, and several other species of game fish. Landlocked salmon make their way into the river during spring spawning runs of bait fish and during their fall spawn. The river has fly-fishing-only regulations on 5 miles (8.0 km) of river. Most of the river from Lake Francis south is open to lure and bait as well. Two tail-water dams provide cold river water for miles downstream making summer fishing on the Connecticut River excellent.


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