Gas prices

As fishermen and bluegrassers we like to travel. Generally speaking, rivers and festivals are not close to home. We go places and see stuff, which requires energy in the form of Gasoline or jet fuel. Secondly, we all need to get to and from work as well, so like most American’s gas prices are fairly top of mind right now, especially for those of us with anything older than brand new trucks and SUVs.

So I’ve been reading a lot of Professor Krugman’s Blog posts lately. While some of his posts tend to be a bit Wonkish, if you can see through the clouds of partisan bikering and political stuff he offers some fairly susinct and cold hard truths about the economy.

Today he offers a really good view into the heart of gas prices of the last twenty five years. And it paints a more realistic and grounded view of our situation.

So in the event that your father-in-law walks in and declares that gas will be $5 dollars per gallon, by labor day, you can rest easy knowing that like all things, its cyclical. It’s gone up before, and its gone down before. It will go up again, but it’s probably going to go down a bit too.

Ok so maybe I’m veering off course here. I’ve been covering some more tangential topics here, but WTF who cares, its my blog and by golly I can veer wildly off course sometimes as long we generally veer back on course thats okay right? Like gass prices, all over the place, but in the end it all kind of evens out right?

2 thoughts on “Gas prices

  1. Yeah, and it doesn’t make my baseline scenario seem any more plausible that as I was writing that little tangent, OPEC decided to leave output alone, and oil is now on its way back up, see you at the gas pump.

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