Pics form the Au Sable Trip

Well, things have been stale around here for too long. I’ve been stupid busy doing all sorts of things other than updating my blog, BOOOH! But one of those things was actually fishing, so I’m sure I’ll be forgiven right?

So here are some pics from our trip to Michigan. Noticeably absent form the mix of photos is the typical trophy grip and grin. And that’s because nobody really caught one worth givng a shit about. But we are still trying to get this fishery figured out…

Unlike last year’s pent up mega hatch, we found most big activity had shifted to night. So next year we are doing some more night fishing than we did this year. (Last year we hit it end of may, this year mid June to try and hit the Hex hatch, again at night but because of the cool and wet spring the hexes were delayed a bit, it’s always something right?) Most of the night fishing this year amounted to standing in the river, staring at the dark water wondering when the spinners would start, and then heading back to the cabin after we got cold and tired of staring into the dark.

Pics below.

The Cabin and my venerable vehicle.

The big back porch with excellent view of trophy water, took the first brown of the trip not twenty yards from here,under a full moon.

The view upstream from the cabin, where I got the skunk off the trip.

Look at Ron and his tight little loop from the back end of the drift boat.

Here's Josh, casting in the front of the canoe.

George fishing from one of the pontoon boats.

Ron tying one on.

The brown drakes and iso's were just starting to come out but the spinner fall wouldn't happen until way after sun-down, when our tired asses were zonked out

A nice sunset, it's time to start listening for the toilet bowls.

We need to work on this night fishing stuff, it ain't easy.

3 thoughts on “Pics form the Au Sable Trip

  1. Sounds good, We’lll hit it right one of these days. We were talking about going back in the fall for some streamer fishing.

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