Ode to NOLA!

Oh NOLA you sullen licentious lass. Your dark creases and folds packed with grime and polished to perfection by years of pedestrian abrasion have seduced me. The tiny taste of your honey has but barely whetted my appetite for the destruction buried in your ancient furrows. Your prehistoric rotting carbon burried beneath your foot print bubbles up from below, cracks the concrete. singes my proboscis, colors the air with a stench of a thousand years and rots the brain. Your interstitial spaces filled with weeds and forgotten rubbish, hidden behind chain link and eons of grime wrap my head and color my thoughts. Your hookers walking alone. Your criers beckoning out. Your broken streets and sodden doors bring on the night and escort us to the gray light of early morn. Find a peace and quietude you will not. Falling and retching, heaving and gagging, purging into the night we stumble on into your darkness. Neons halo our heads and puddles form beneath our feet, shadows close in us but we find the light. We shall feel our way along, out of place and naked to the night, baring ourselves to the muskeg and absorbing it through our pores. NOLA you have notched yourself upon my bedpost and left a cleft upon my heart. We shall meet again.

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