SmithFly Gear Review

So things have been a little crazy around Fiddle and Creel world headquarters lately. I’ve been pulling lots of late nights trouble shooting the SmithFly e-commerce website. As a result I have been letting this little project slide a bit. But don’t worry I’m still thinking about the Fiddle and Creel a lot, and eventually I’m going to transition this little project into the official SmithFly blog… but logistically I don’t have time right now to do that and all the other stuff that goes into starting a new business.

We did get our first official gear review over on the infamous by – the world’s first freelance fly fishing blogger Mr. One Bug is Fake – EKAFSI GUBENO – Fly Stock himself, Brandon Robinson. So here is the summary below.

The Poquito is a personal “game-changer” in respect to my fishing style. This model was not a ‘freebie’ given me to test and I promise you; if it sucked, you would know. The simple fact is this, it is probably the most versatile piece of gear I own. It goes anywhere, fits everywhere, and doesn’t care how it gets used. It’s a sturdy addition that you’ll find is worth every penny. After a handful of trips with it on, I have yet to have a single fly-line hang-up on it. I can’t say that about my vest, or even my shorts! “El Poquito”, “The Little Bit”, “Awesome Redefined”, whatever you want to call it; it is now a must have for me on the water, and I still wear it even if I have my vest on. It is very lightweight and almost completely forgettable, yet it compounds the versatility I can achieve in any fishing trip.

I didn’t want to destroy it in testing (I only bought one), but I imagine it would hold up superbly. The first to go would be the “zinger” and maybe the banding around the edge would be next, but from where I am standing, that could take years. Zingers are a dime-a-dozen anyhow, and the banding could get double stitched or re-sewn.

I look forward to future products hopefully built upon this framework, maybe a bigger cousin that can hold a small flybox? The design wouldn’t even have to change much, if at all. When SmithFly releases the rest of the advertised product line, the “El Poquito” won’t be replaced, as I said it’s M.O.L.L.E. Compatible, but my current vest might be.

MY advice? Get an El Poquito, and soon.

I’d say that’s a pretty ringing endorsement, and I really do appreciate the kind words. I swear I didn’t pay him or give him any free gear that was straight from the heart, legit review. We need more stuff like that. And if you are in Texas you owe it to yourself to head on over to FlyStock. I think I saw that it’s been postponed until spring? but it’s going to be a good time. I’m going to try and head down there for that if possible. Music and Fly Fishing, heck yeah!



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