Hemingway’s Boat: A new Book that sounds interesting

I managed to catch the better part of an interesting segment on PBS’s News Hour last night called The Old Man and The Boat: Hemingway’s Quest for Peace about a new Book called Hemingway’s Boat. It’s been officially added to my read soon list, if not moved to the first line of that list. However I have a feeling I will need to wrestle it out of my wife’s hands first, since she is more the Hemingway scholar in the family and far more knowledgable on his work. The author of the new book speaks with such gravitas and bottom-toothy grandeur that it’s almost difficult to take him seriously but I do like his kaleidoscope metaphor at the end of the segment. WOrth a look for those interested in all things Big Papa related.

I’ve been a fan of wooden boats for a while. In fact I own two myself, a 1955 Lyman, and a cedar stip canoe I built myself. Also, my dad has a 1961 Chris Craft Sea Skiff. Maybe the disorder for all things floating and wooden runs in the family. There is just something about wooden boats that gets under your skin. Pilar, Hemingway’s boat is a Matthews I think and I hope, in this new book the author gets into the history of the Matthew’s boat company because I’m sure there is a lot of juicy stuff there. Oddly enough there are usually one or two Matthews boats available for free on the Great Lakes or the East Cast, like this one for instance. All you have to do is find a trailer and haul it home. It’s sad that these objects of such beauty and function who played such a wonderful role in so many people’s lives are left to rot in boneyards like that… maybe this will start a wooden boat revival… I know we need a movie… like “A Matthews Runs Through It”… or maybe “Oh Matthews where art thou?”

2 thoughts on “Hemingway’s Boat: A new Book that sounds interesting

  1. This book looks amazing… I have become extremely interested in writing about my fishing experiences, and exactly what fishing truly means to me. I aspire every time to write as succinctly and powerfully as Mr. Hemingway did in his day. Regardless of your feelings towards Hemingway’s antics, he was undeniably one of America’s greatest writers and I do everything I can to prolong his legacy.

    For the love of fishing,

    Paul Baechtold

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