Cool boat for sale

When I point out a cool boat, my Dad always reminds that there are always LOTS of cool boats for sale, as in move along nothing to see here. But I’m a sucker for good looking wood and this one has it in spades. It might be a bit small for most, but wow it’s a looker and a bargain at $4,000. See the good folks at the Evening Hatch in Elllensburg, WA for more information. Built by Greg Tatman of Tatman Wooden boats.

14’ Greg Tatman, hand-made by Tatman himself.

Terrific small boat for two people, although it can handle three people with two side-by-side in the front (only good in this configuration for pulling plugs, however). It’s a beautiful African mahogany boat with a UHMW skid shoe on the bottom making it slippery over rocks and tough as nails.

It’s for sale because we are just not using it enough. When we get time to go fishing, I seem to use a guide rather than pull the oars myself. It looks like a piece of furniture, and always attracts attention when it’s in the water…and it’s light and easy to use.

3 thoughts on “Cool boat for sale

  1. Wow, now that is one reason why I love to fish… This boat is a true thing of beauty- beautiful fusion of nostalgia, craftsmanship, and pragmatism. If I had $4000 laying around, I would buy this today– right now as a matter of fact…

    I hope its okay with you, but I’d love to share this story on Casting Currents as well…

    For the love of fishing,

    Paul Baechtold

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