River Why DVD now available for purchase.

Well I guess they finally caved… the River Why DVD is now available for purchase over here. After posting the photo above, I realized that this movie has a seriously “chick flick” looking cover, I mean of all the scenes to put on the cover, really, a big lame make out session, what are we 16 years old? But alas, I suppose that’s way of pop culture to boil it down to sex. I guess in a way that’s what the book ultimately ends up being about, so it’s topical and pertinent albeit a bit base and typical. The book is so much more than that though.

English teachers love Catcher in the Rye for it’s raw unvarnished look inside the head of a teenage boy, but to me that book is fairly one dimensional for that reason. However, The River Why gives us a look into the entire human psyche and how it grows and changes, how we discover things and experience things and how our view of the world changes as we encounter the world one experience at a time. The River Why  does some serious delving into those deep dark channels in our minds. You should go get this movie right now, better yet, you should buy the book first if you don’t already have it, then watch the movie.

If all that literary nonsense is lost on you, then you can at least buy the DVD for the Amber Heard Nude scene, that’s probably worth the price of admission.

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